The President said the clergymen need to preach to the IPOB leader and Yoruba Nation agitator in order to change their violent ways of agitation and embrace peace.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has begged Catholic Bishops to extend their sermon to people like Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho and other non-state actors.
The President urged the clergymen to preach to IPOB leader and Yoruba Nation agitator to go about their agitation in a non-violent manner.
Buhari made this known on Tuesday at the opening session of the 4th Plenary Assembly of the Reunion of Episcopal Conference of West Africa, RECOWA, held in Abuja.
The president, who was represented at the event by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, admitted that some of the agitations of the non-violent actors are legitimate but they are going about it in the wrong way.
Buhari also urged the Bishops to continue to speak truth to power and help build bridges across every divide that threatens to fracture the nation’s unity.
He said: “Indeed, the Catholic Church and the Bishops Conference have established a reputation for speaking truth to power, in consonance with the highest prophetic traditions and by continuing its illustrious practice of inspiring social action by the lay faithful.

”Over the years, the Church has modelled profound approaches in challenging the impunity of some state actors and errant power.

“But my Lords, I believe the times also call for speaking to the growing number of violent non-state actors, some propagating genuine course but with mindless violence, often leading to the destruction of lives and property.

“I urge you not only to explore ways of strengthening the bonds of faith between your communities but also of building bridges across every divide that threatens to fracture our nations.”
President Buhari, however, said his government is ready to work with the Church and all well-meaning citizens in promoting peace and security in the nation.