Frontline PDP Presidential Aspirant, Dr. Bukola Saraki unveiled a policy document for his first four years in office over the weekend.

Dr Saraki, whose campaign theme is #FixNigeria released a 53-page detailed plan titled “My Social Contract with Nigerians”. In it, he focused on the 5 pillars of growth. Economy, the Rule of Law, Fiscal Federalism, Security and National Planning.

On the Economy, he plans to tackle sky rocket inflation rate, achieve exchange rate stability by moving to a market determined single rate regime, de-link Nigeria’s revenue base from Oil dependency, Fuel subsidy removal and increase the tax base.

According to the document, Youth unemployment, a big problem for the Nigerian economy will be tackled by creating a great environment for local businesses, investing heavily in infrastructure, creating priority industries with immediate focus for investments.

On Security, the document plans to invest highly in the Federal Police while allowing states to Also Police themselves, improve the capacity of the Nigerian army for a multi thronged approach in the war against terrorism, with more focus on effective, incisive targeted surgical strikes.

The document rounds up with a detailed plan for Restructuring, Judicial reforms and improving the rule of law to make Nigeria a sustainable, peaceful democracy and other plans for National planning and good Governance.